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Concentrated Mushroom Extract

How to create a concentrated tar - potent, shelf stable, alcohol free medicine

A 5:1 concentrated extract or sometimes called a solid extract simply means there is an equivalent of 5 grams of original substance per 1 mL of final liquid extract

I love these concentrated mushroom extracts, yet it is important to note that these do not replace dual (aqueous and ethanolic) extracts. In the process I will describe below, lipophilic constituents like triterpenes will likely not occur in great amounts in the final concentrate.

What will be extracted:

Water soluble constituents that are not destroyed by heat. In the case of mushrooms, specifically Fomitopsis pinicola, Trametes versicolor, and Ganoderma applanatum, which are the mushrooms in this extract, we are extracting; immune-stimulating, immune-modulating, hypoglycemic, and hypocholesterolemic polysaccharides and anti-oxidant phenolic compounds.

What you will need for this preparation:

  • Mushrooms: at least 300g

  • Water: enough to cover the mushrooms by a few inches

  • Crockpot or soup pot

  • Stove top or hot plate

  • Beaker or measuring cup to measure mL of liquid

  • Honey – enough to equal the final amount of liquid in the extract – if starting with 300g of mushrooms, and we are aiming for a 10:1 extract, we need 30mL honey to add, to get a 5:1.


  1. Collect mushrooms or purchase dried mushrooms from your local herb shop, slice thin and dry over night

  2. Get the dry weight of the mushrooms in grams, then place mushrooms in crockpot or large soup pot and cover with water – so water covers by a few inches

  3. let Simmer for a minimum of 2 hours, if using a crockpot it is great to simmer overnight

  4. Press out mushrooms from decoction – compost mushrooms, or pour 100 proof vodka over them to extract triterpenes. – if you do this let it mushrooms macerate in ETOH for 2 weeks

  5. Place aqueous extract (decocted liquid) in smaller soup pot and let simmer – this is where you want to keep a close eye on the process, stirring somewhere in between occasionally to avoid over simmering and burning

  6. Simmer down until there is 30mL of extract (if you started with 300g) – the idea is that you have an equivalent of 10g dried mushroom material for every 1mL liquid. – 10:1

  7. Take off the heat and add an equal amount of honey – if there is 30mL of extract, you will add 30mL of raw honey and mix thoroughly, now you have a 5:1 concentrated syrup.

  8. Place in amber jars – Refrigeration is unnecessary-

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