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Professional Engagements

Educator | Entrepreneur | Researcher | Writer Consultant | Clinician

I call my umbrella of knowledge around medical mushrooms and natural medicine applied mycology. I teach and speak on all aspects of this emerging discipline, including mycological biology and biochemistry, identification and foraging, extraction techniques, manufacturing and processing, formulation, and clinical application in both wellness and disease. I love talking about and using mushrooms - something something something

I also consult with companies and other practitioners to address questions related to applied mycology. I help identify potential issues with extraction and manufacturing, avoid common pitfalls in formulation, answer questions about the scientific literature and its implications, teach professionals how to implement mushroom medicine in their patient populations, and generally spread my love of mycology and medicine as far as it will go!

Interested in working with me as a speaker/educator or consultant?

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Professional highlights

Naturopathic Physician, private practice

2020 - present

Washington & California

I am a primary care doctor with a special focus in oncology, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, reproductive health for all genders, chronic fatigue and digestive health. My practice has an emphasis on lifestyle and diet interventions, hydrotherapy, nervous system support, botanical and mycological medicines and pharmaceuticals when necessary.

Medicinal Mushroom Educator and Consultant

2015 - present

I work with companies to optimize the use of medicinal mushrooms in their products, to provide key scientific background and context, and to avoid common mistakes in applied mycology. My blog is the home for my writing on all things regarding extraction methods, foraging and current research on medicinal mushrooms.

Author, Textbook of Natural Medicine 5th editionMedicinals Mushrooms chapter


I wrote the Medicinal Mushrooms chapter in the 5th edition of The Textbook of Natural Medicine. The chapter includes monographs on the most widely used medicinal mushrooms and information regarding historical use, clinical research and therapeutic recommendations. The Textbook of Natural Medicine covers preventative, non-invasive and natural treatments as well as practical diagnostic and therapeutic guidance, designed especially for practicing clinicians.

Laboratory research


Bastyr University

While in medical school at Bastyr University, I participated in laboratory research with Drs. Cynthia Wenner and Olivia Froehlich aimed to determine if hot ethanol and aqueous extracts from the Fomitopsis cajanderi (rosy polypore) mushroom are cytotoxic to human cancer less lines and modulate TNF secretion by human monocytes.

Published in Journal of Immunology


The research I participated in for many years while at Bastyr University was published in the Journal of Immunology, Volume 206, Issue 1, co-authored with Cynthia Wenner and Olivia Froehlich.

Herbalist, Dandelion Botanicals


I formulated herbal teas, wildcrafted local herbs and educated customers about herbal medicine. Dandelion Botanical Company has over 500 herbs and spices from around the world.

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer, Lucidum Medicinals

2021 - present

I co-founded Lucidum Medicinals to bring my knowledge of mushrooms and medicine to the world. We help holistic practitioners confidently heal their patients with medicinal mushrooms, integrating the current research with traditional use to craft formulas that are evidence-informed, clinically-relevant, and grounded in tradition.


Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


Bastyr University

I obtained my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, a four-year clinical doctorate in primary care naturopathic medicine.

Bachelors of Science,

Nutrition Science


California State Polytechnic University - San Luis Obispo

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition. In addition to preparatory science courses such as chemistry and biology, the program offers cousework in nutrient metabolism, clinical nutrition, culinary arts, food systems management, and sports, community, and lifecycle nutrition

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