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I engage with the public as a speaker, consultant, physician, and entrepreneur


Speaking Engagements

I teach and speak around the United States on many aspects of applied mycology. I am a leading expert in the natural and integrative health space on functional and medicinal mushrooms, and have published in both the Journal of Immunology and the Textbook of Natural Medicine. With experience in foraging, extraction, research, production, and clinical practice, I have experience across the entire scope of the medicinal mushroom industry.


I consult on many topics related to medicinal mushroom research, product development, translation, and clinical practice. This includes extraction techniques, formulations, wildcrafting, processing, dosing, and food and drug interactions, as well as the clinical applications of mushrooms, ethnomycology, and more.


Naturopathic Medicine

In my medical practice, I am a primary care physician with a special focus in oncology, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, reproductive health for all genders, chronic fatigue, and digestive health.

I am licensed in the states of CA and WA, and see patients in-person at my private practice in Poulsbo, WA. I see both CA and WA patients via telemedicine, and consult with patients in other states on an educational basis.

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