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Medicinal Mushroom Expert  -  Naturopathic Physician

Educator | Entrepreneur | Researcher | Writer | Consultant | Clinician



My mission is to bring my knowledge of mushrooms and medicine to the world so that we can live deeper and more connected lives. I research, write, teach, and practice, following my curiosity for all things related to health and wellness in the natural world.

Work With Me

I engage with the public as a speaker, consultant, physician, and entrepreneur


I educate professional and general audiences about all aspects of medicinal mushrooms and applied mycology


I consult on many aspects of mushroom quality, manufacturing, formulation, and clinical application

Naturopathic practice

I practice primary and specialty care naturopathic medicine in Lake Tahoe, CA, and Poulsbo, WA


Mushroom formulas

I co-founded Lucidum Medicinals to bring clinical-grade medicinal mushroom formulas to practitioners and the public

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